The DeFi Hub of Staking

Decentralized Protocol for Fungible Staking Positions

Proof of Stake is not Economically Sound

The staking reward rate prevents tokens from being invested into the ecosystem.

A delegator on Cosmos can receive an annual return of 10% by delegating their tokens. DeFi protocols on Cosmos have to provide a return higher than 10% to liquidity providers otherwise it is more profitable for ATOM holders to stake instead.


The problem arises because delegators always have to choose between staking and contributing to the ecosystem (e.g. providing liquidity). A solution would be to allow them to achieve both instead of having to choose one over the other.

Introducing Everett Protocol

One-to-One Price Peg

Staked tokens maintain a 1:1 price peg with the base token by design. Differences in price lead to arbitrage opportunities, recovering the peg.


Everett is a cosmos zone, maintained by multiple validators. No-one can take full control of the network.


Staked tokens are fungible among all validators, no matter which validator you stake to, you will receive the same tokens.

Cross-chain Compatibility

The Everett protocol can be implemented to various PoS based blockchains. The Everett hub connects staked tokens of different chains.

What can I do with Everett?

Create Liquid Staking Positions

Make your staking position liquid by issuing staked tokens. Use the issued tokens in the ecosystem to catalyze ecosystem developments without harming network security.

Hedge Against Price Movements

Protect your locked assets from depreciation without missing out on rewards by selling staked tokens and buying them back when the price recovers.

Leverage on Delegations

Double your staking reward & contribute to network security by selling staked tokens in exchange for base tokens and also staking them.

Stake on Multiple Chains

Stake your assets on various PoS blockchains without the need to acquire additional capital via interchain staking.




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